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We are a consultancy specialising in using lean, pragmatic software development practices and technology to deliver scalable, secure and stable software for companies of all sizes. 

We are experts at working in an agile way to deliver systems that reliably scale to millions of users. The key to this success is simplicity - simplicity of process, architecture and technology .

"All successful complex systems start with a successful simple system" - Gall's Law. 

We deliver continuously and incrementally with a relentless focus on business value.




We will help review your existing process and move you to a more agile way of working. No dogma, no preconceptions, just pragmatic ideas to improve your delivery.


Expert in gathering requirements from multiple stakeholders and producing single prioritised backlogs. No separation of "the business" and "IT" - a unified roadmap for all to work from.


We build lean, robust systems that deliver business value quickly and evolve fast. Whether you need mobile apps, machine learning or complex financial systems, we use cutting edge technology to deliver at pace.


Repeatable, highly secure cloud native architectures that scale with your business. Advanced monitoring and alerting spot issues before they impact users. Deployment of changes multiple times a day. 





Simplicity is the key to everything we do. We believe that all successful systems, however complex, start with a successful simple system. That simplicity, encompassing process as well as technology, provides the foundation for scalable, stable and secure systems



The systems we build scale effortlessly as your business grows. Whether millions of users accessing your public-facing website or crunching 100s of millions of events for Machine Learning, our systems barely break sweat. 



Security is at the heart of everything we do. We have built multiple fully-audited PCI-DSS compliant systems, but our processes and secure infrastructure go way beyond those requirements. You can rest assured that your data is safe with us.



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